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Check out information regarding the Wayne Summer Concert Series!

The WIN Food Pantry is pleased to announce that Macy's , including the Macys Furniture Store, has selected the WIN Pantry as the beneficiary of their local charities "round up" program.
Between October 16th and October 31st, Macy's will offer customers to voluntarily round up their purchase to the nearest dollar and donate their change to WIN.

WIN urges you to participate and help out the WIN Food Pantry.


Help our neighbors provide food for their families in times of need.

Our goal is to provide supplemental assistance on an as-needed basis to individuals and families in our community. Some people have short-term needs while others may be in need of more prolonged assistance. Your generosity will bring the necessary food to your neighbors in need.

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Learn more about the WIN Food Pantry and it's roots.

Our Programs

Learn about programs backed by the WIN Food Pantry.

How You can Help

Learn about how you can help our neighbors.

The WIN Food Pantry provides assistance to those in need including working families, the disabled, seniors and others in our community who may be struggling with hunger, job loss, illness, accidents, the death of a loved one, or a reduction in their living standard because of a changing economy.


Families Currently Serving


Senior Singles/Couples Currently Serving


School-Age Children Currently Serving

Check out information regarding the Wayne Summer Concert Series!



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